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We’re one of the most well-respected building network operators (BNO) in the UK.

Our commercial electrical services

The Building Network Operator (BNO) standard needs to be adhered to in order for your local electrical DNO to be able to connect supplies to your building.

Our dedicated, BNO-trained engineers can design, install and maintain new riser and lateral sub-main cabling networks to meet your needs.

We ensure that the installation provided is fully compliant to your local DNO standards and that the installation complies with BS7671. We mimic the installation process that was previously provided by the network operators, and work with them to ensure the same set of standards and correct equipment and cable is used.

BNO Standards
Fully compliant
UK Power Networks have introduced a single standard for multi-occupancy buildings, to be effective across all three of their Distribution Network Operator (DNO) regions. UK Power Networks have also introduced another single standard for the connection of new services above 100 amps, including the introduction of metering CTs (Current Transformers) within the service cut out equipment. In addition, these changes have now been adopted by most other DNOs.
Highly trained

Our highly trained BNO teams mimic the installation process that was previously provided by the network operators, and we work with them to ensure the correct specialist (and made to order) equipment and cable is used.

Maintenance package
Everything you need

Our maintenance packages include an initial audit of the existing internal network, a record of the existing equipment, sealing and distribution panels and associated switch gear, annual visual check and thermal inspection, 24/7/365 emergency service.

Design services
Compliant design

Working with other electrical contractors and M & E consultants we are able to assist and/or design the BNO installation providing comprehensive drawings from specialist software. We ensure the design complies with BS7671: amendment 1 and your local DNO’s standard.

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